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Magic Items

Scrolls, Staffs, & Wands


A scroll is a spell (or collection of spells) that has been stored in written form. A spell on a scroll can be used only once. The writing vanishes from the scroll when the spell is activated. Using a scroll is basically like casting a spell.

Physical Description: A scroll is a heavy sheet of fine vellum or high-quality paper. An area about 8 1/2 inches wide and 11 inches long is sufficient to hold one spell. The sheet is reinforced at the top and bottom with strips of leather slightly longer than the sheet is wide. A scroll holding more than one spell has the same width (about 8 1/2 inches) but is an extra foot or so long for each extra spell. Scrolls that hold three or more spells are usually fitted with reinforcing rods at each end rather than simple strips of leather. A scroll has AC 9, 1 hit point, hardness 0, and a break DC of 8.

To protect it from wrinkling or tearing, a scroll is rolled up from both ends to form a double cylinder. (This also helps the user unroll the scroll quickly.) The scroll is placed in a tube of ivory, jade, leather, metal, or wood. Most scroll cases are inscribed with magic symbols which often identify the owner or the spells stored on the scrolls inside. The symbols often hide magic traps.

Activation: To activate a scroll, a spellcaster must read the spell written on it. Doing so involves several steps and conditions.

Decipher the Writing: The writing on a scroll must be deciphered before a character can use it or know exactly what spell it contains. This requires a read magic spell or a successful Spellcraft check (DC 20 + spell level).

Deciphering a scroll to determine its contents does not activate its magic unless it is a specially prepared cursed scroll. A character can decipher the writing on a scroll in advance so that he or she can proceed directly to the next step when the time comes to use the scroll.

Activate the Spell: Activating a scroll requires reading the spell from the scroll. The character must be able to see and read the writing on the scroll.

Activating a scroll spell requires no material components or focus. (The creator of the scroll provided these when scribing the scroll.) Note that some spells are effective only when cast on an item or items. In such a case, the scroll user must provide the item when activating the spell. Activating a scroll spell is subject to disruption just as casting a normally prepared spell would be. Using a scroll is like casting a spell for purposes of arcane spell failure chance.

To have any chance of activating a scroll spell, the scroll user must meet the following requirements.

  • The spell must be of the correct type (arcane or divine). Arcane spellcasters (wizards, sorcerers, and bards) can only use scrolls containing arcane spells, and divine spellcasters (clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers) can only use scrolls containing divine spells. (The type of scroll a character creates is also determined by his or her class.)

  • The user must have the spell on his or her class list.

  • The user must have the requisite ability score.

If the user meets all the requirements noted above, and her caster level is at least equal to the spell’s caster level, she can automatically activate the spell without a check. If she meets all three requirements but her own caster level is lower than the scroll spell’s caster level, then she has to make a caster level check (DC = scroll’s caster level + 1) to cast the spell successfully. If she fails, she must make a DC 5 Wisdom check to avoid a mishap (see Scroll Mishaps, below). A natural roll of 1 always fails, whatever the modifiers.

Determine Effect: A spell successfully activated from a scroll works exactly like a spell prepared and cast the normal way. Assume the scroll spell’s caster level is always the minimum level required to cast the spell for the character who scribed the scroll (usually twice the spell’s level, minus 1), unless the caster specifically desires otherwise.

The writing for an activated spell disappears from the scroll.

Scroll Mishaps: When a mishap occurs, the spell on the scroll has a reversed or harmful effect. Possible mishaps are given below.

  • A surge of uncontrolled magical energy deals 1d6 points of damage per spell level to the scroll user.

  • Spell strikes the scroll user or an ally instead of the intended target, or a random target nearby if the scroll user was the intended recipient.

  • Spell takes effect at some random location within spell range.

  • Spell’s effect on the target is contrary to the spell’s normal effect.

  • The scroll user suffers some minor but bizarre effect related to the spell in some way. Most such effects should last only as long as the original spell’s duration, or 2d10 minutes for instantaneous spells.

  • Some innocuous item or items appear in the spell’s area.

  • Spell has delayed effect. Sometime within the next 1d12 hours, the spell activates. If the scroll user was the intended recipient, the spell takes effect normally. If the user was not the intended recipient, the spell goes off in the general direction of the original recipient or target, up to the spell’s maximum range, if the target has moved away.

Several arcane spells are different in level for sorcerers and wizards than they are for bards. Such spells appear on the table at the level appropriate to a sorcerer or wizard (considered the default because bards typically don’t involve themselves in scribing scrolls).

Likewise, some divine spells are different in level for clerics and druids than they are for paladins and rangers. Such spells appear at the level appropriate to a cleric or druid (considered the default because paladins and rangers typically don’t involve themselves in scribing scrolls).

If a divine spell is cast at different levels by clerics and druids, it appears at the level appropriate to a cleric (considered the default choice between clerics and druids).

Many spells are either arcane or divine, depending on the class of the caster. Such spells appear on both lists at the level appropriate to the class of the arcane or divine caster.


d% rollType


Scroll TypeNumber of Spells
Minor scroll1d3 spells
Medium scroll1d4 spells
Major scroll1d6 spells


MinorMediumMajorSpell LevelSpell’s Caster Level1
1 These numbers assume that the creator is a cleric, druid, or wizard.


0-Level Arcane Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–04acid splash12 gp 5 sp
05–08arcane mark12 gp 5 sp
09–13dancing lights12 gp 5 sp
14–17daze12 gp 5 sp
18–24detect magic12 gp 5 sp
25–28detect poison12 gp 5 sp
29–32disrupt undead12 gp 5 sp
33–37flare12 gp 5 sp
38–42ghost sound12 gp 5 sp
43–44know direction12 gp 5 sp
45–50light12 gp 5 sp
51–52lullaby12 gp 5 sp
53–57mage hand12 gp 5 sp
58–62mending12 gp 5 sp
63–67message12 gp 5 sp
68–72open/close12 gp 5 sp
73–77prestidigitation12 gp 5 sp
78–81ray of frost12 gp 5 sp
82–87read magic12 gp 5 sp
88–94resistance12 gp 5 sp
95–96summon instrument12 gp 5 sp
97–100touch of fatigue12 gp 5 sp
1st-Level Arcane Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–03alarm25 gp
04–05animate rope25 gp
06–07burning hands25 gp
08–09cause fear25 gp
10–12charm person25 gp
13–14chill touch25 gp
15–16color spray25 gp
17–19comprehend languages25 gp
20confusion, lesser50 gp
21cure light wounds50 gp
22–24detect secret doors25 gp
25–26detect undead25 gp
27–29disguise self25 gp
30–32endure elements25 gp
33–35enlarge person25 gp
36–37erase25 gp
38–40expeditious retreat25 gp
41feather fall25 gp
42–43grease25 gp
44–45hold portal25 gp
46–47hypnotism25 gp
48–49identify125 gp
50–51jump25 gp
52–54mage armor25 gp
55–56magic missile25 gp
57–59magic weapon25 gp
60–62mount25 gp
63–64magic aura25 gp
65–66obscuring mist25 gp
67–74protection from chaos/evil/good/law25 gp
75–76ray of enfeeblement25 gp
77–78reduce person25 gp
79–80remove fear50 gp
81–82shield25 gp
83–84shocking grasp25 gp
85–86silent image25 gp
87–88sleep25 gp
89–90summon monster I25 gp
91–93floating disk25 gp
94–95true strike25 gp
96undetectable alignment50 gp
97–98unseen servant25 gp
99–100ventriloquism25 gp
2nd-Level Arcane Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01animal messenger200 gp
02animal trance200 gp
03arcane lock175 gp
04–06bear’s endurance150 gp
07–08blindness/deafness150 gp
09–10blur150 gp
11–13bull’s strength150 gp
14calm emotions200 gp
15–17cat’s grace150 gp
18–19command undead150 gp
20continual flame200 gp
21cure moderate wounds200 gp
22darkness150 gp
23–25darkvision150 gp
26daze monster150 gp
27delay poison200 gp
28–29detect thoughts150 gp
30–31disguise self150 gp
32–34eagle’s splendor150 gp
35enthrall200 gp
36–37false life150 gp
38–39flaming sphere150 gp
40fog cloud150 gp
41–43fox’s cunning150 gp
44ghoul touch150 gp
45–46glitterdust150 gp
47gust of wind150 gp
48–49hypnotic pattern150 gp
50–52invisibility150 gp
53–55knock150 gp
56phantom trap200 gp
57–58levitate150 gp
59locate object150 gp
60magic mouth160 gp
61–62acid arrow150 gp
63minor image150 gp
64–65mirror image150 gp
66misdirection150 gp
67obscure object150 gp
68–70owl’s wisdom150 gp
71–73protection from arrows150 gp
74–75pyrotechnics150 gp
76–78resist energy150 gp
79rope trick150 gp
80scare150 gp
81–82scorching ray150 gp
83–85see invisibility150 gp
86shatter150 gp
87silence200 gp
88sound burst200 gp
89spectral hand150 gp
90–91spider climb150 gp
92–93summon monster II150 gp
94–95summon swarm150 gp
96hideous laughter150 gp
97touch of idiocy150 gp
98–99web150 gp
100whispering wind150 gp
3rd-Level Arcane Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–02arcane sight375 gp
03–04blink375 gp
05–06clairaudience/clairvoyance375 gp
07cure serious wounds525 gp
08–10daylight525 gp
11–12deep slumber375 gp
13–15dispel magic375 gp
16–17displacement375 gp
18explosive runes375 gp
19–20fireball375 gp
21–22flame arrow375 gp
23–25fly375 gp
26–27gaseous form375 gp
28–29gentle repose375 gp
30glibness525 gp
31good hope525 gp
32–33halt undead375 gp
34–36haste375 gp
37–38heroism375 gp
39–40hold person375 gp
41illusory script425 gp
42–44invisibility sphere375 gp
45–47keen edge375 gp
48–49tiny hut375 gp
50–51lightning bolt375 gp
52–59magic circle against chaos/evil/good/law375 gp
60–62magic weapon, greater375 gp
63–64major image375 gp
65–66nondetection425 gp
67–68phantom steed375 gp
69–71protection from energy375 gp
72–73rage375 gp
74–75ray of exhaustion375 gp
76sculpt sound525 gp
77secret page375 gp
78sepia snake sigil875 gp
79shrink item375 gp
80–81sleet storm375 gp
82–83slow375 gp
84speak with animals525 gp
85–86stinking cloud375 gp
87–88suggestion375 gp
89–90summon monster III375 gp
91–93tongues375 gp
94–95vampiric touch375 gp
96–98water breathing375 gp
99–100wind wall375 gp
4th-Level Arcane Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–02animate dead1,050 gp
03–05arcane eye700 gp
06–07bestow curse700 gp
08–10charm monster700 gp
11–13confusion700 gp
14–15contagion700 gp
16–17crushing despair700 gp
18cure critical wounds1,000 gp
19detect scrying700 gp
20–23dimension door700 gp
24–26dimensional anchor700 gp
27–28enervation700 gp
29–30enlarge person, mass700 gp
31–32black tentacles700 gp
33–34fear700 gp
35–37fire shield700 gp
38–39fire trap725 gp
40–42freedom of movement1,000 gp
43geas, lesser700 gp
44–46globe of invulnerability, lesser700 gp
47–48hallucinatory terrain700 gp
49–50ice storm700 gp
51–52illusory wall700 gp
53–55invisibility, greater700 gp
56–57secure shelter700 gp
58locate creature700 gp
59–60minor creation700 gp
61modify memory1,000 gp
62neutralize poison1,000 gp
63–64resilient sphere700 gp
65–66phantasmal killer700 gp
67–68polymorph700 gp
69–70rainbow pattern700 gp
71mnemonic enhancer700 gp
72–73reduce person, mass700 gp
74–76remove curse700 gp
77repel vermin1,000 gp
78–79scrying700 gp
80–81shadow conjuration700 gp
82–83shout700 gp
84–85solid fog700 gp
86speak with plants1,000 gp
87–88stone shape700 gp
89–91stoneskin950 gp
92–93summon monster IV700 gp
94–96wall of fire700 gp
97–99wall of ice700 gp
100zone of silence1,000 gp
5th-Level Arcane Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–02animal growth1,125 gp
03–05baleful polymorph1,125 gp
06–07interposing hand1,125 gp
08–09blight1,125 gp
10–12break enchantment1,125 gp
13–14cloudkill1,125 gp
15–17cone of cold1,125 gp
18–19contact other plane1,125 gp
20cure light wounds, mass1,625 gp
21–23dismissal1,125 gp
24–26dispel magic, greater1,625 gp
27–28dominate person1,125 gp
29dream1,125 gp
30–31fabricate1,125 gp
32–33false vision1,375 gp
34–35feeblemind1,125 gp
36–39hold monster1,125 gp
40secret chest1,125 gp
41magic jar1,125 gp
42–43major creation1,125 gp
44–45mind fog1,125 gp
46–47mirage arcana1,125 gp
48–49mage’s faithful hound1,125 gp
50–51mage’s private sanctum1,125 gp
52–53nightmare1,125 gp
54–57overland flight1,125 gp
58–60passwall1,125 gp
61permanency10,125 gp1
62–63persistent image1,125 gp
64–65planar binding, lesser1,125 gp
66–67prying eyes1,125 gp
68–69telepathic bond1,125 gp
70–71seeming1,125 gp
72–74sending1,125 gp
75–76shadow evocation1,125 gp
77song of discord1,625 gp
78–79summon monster V1,125 gp
80symbol of pain2,125 gp
81symbol of sleep2,125 gp
82–83telekinesis1,125 gp
84–88teleport1,125 gp
89–90transmute mud to rock1,125 gp
91–92transmute rock to mud1,125 gp
93–95wall of force1,125 gp
96–98wall of stone1,125 gp
99–100waves of fatigue1,125 gp
1 Includes experience point cost up to 2,000 XP.
6th-Level Arcane Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–02acid fog1,650 gp
03–05analyze dweomer1,650 gp
06animate objects2,400 gp
07–09antimagic field1,650 gp
10–12bear’s endurance, mass1,650 gp
13–14forceful hand1,650 gp
15–17bull’s strength, mass1,650 gp
18–20cat’s grace, mass1,650 gp
21–23chain lightning1,650 gp
24–25circle of death2,150 gp
26contingency1,650 gp
27–28control water1,650 gp
29create undead2,350 gp
30cure moderate wounds, mass2,400 gp
31–33disintegrate1,650 gp
34–37dispel magic, greater1,650 gp
38–40eagle’s splendor, mass1,650 gp
41–42eyebite1,650 gp
43find the path2,400 gp
44–45flesh to stone1,650 gp
46–48fox’s cunning, mass1,650 gp
49geas/quest1,650 gp
50–52globe of invulnerability1,650 gp
53guards and wards1,650 gp
54heroes’ feast2,400 gp
55–56heroism, greater1,650 gp
57legend lore1,900 gp
58–59mislead1,650 gp
60mage’s lucubration1,650 gp
61–62move earth1,650 gp
63–64freezing sphere1,650 gp
65–67owl’s wisdom, mass1,650 gp
68–69permanent image1,650 gp
70–71planar binding1,650 gp
72–73programmed image1,675 gp
74–75repulsion1,650 gp
76–78shadow walk1,650 gp
79–81stone to flesh1,650 gp
82–83suggestion, mass1,650 gp
84–85summon monster VI1,650 gp
86symbol of fear2,650 gp
87symbol of persuasion6,650 gp
88sympathetic vibration2,400 gp
89–90transformation1,950 gp
91–93true seeing1,900 gp
94–95undeath to death2,150 gp
96–97veil1,650 gp
98–100wall of iron1,700 gp
7th-Level Arcane Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–03arcane sight, greater2,275 gp
04–07banishment2,275 gp
08–10grasping hand2,275 gp
11–13control undead2,275 gp
14–16control weather2,275 gp
17–19delayed blast fireball2,275 gp
20–21instant summons3,275 gp
22–25ethereal jaunt2,275 gp
26–28finger of death2,275 gp
29–31forcecage23775 gp
32–35hold person, mass2,275 gp
36–38insanity2,275 gp
39–42invisibility, mass2,275 gp
43limited wish3,775 gp1
44–45mage’s magnificent mansion2,275 gp
46–48mage’s sword2,275 gp
49–51phase door2,275 gp
52–54plane shift2,275 gp
55–57power word blind2,275 gp
58–61prismatic spray2,275 gp
62–64project image2,280 gp
65–67reverse gravity2,275 gp
68–70scrying, greater2,275 gp
71–73sequester2,275 gp
74–76shadow conjuration, greater2,275 gp
77simulacrum7,275 gp2
78–80spell turning2,275 gp
81–82statue2,275 gp
83–85summon monster VII2,275 gp
86symbol of stunning7,275 gp
87symbol of weakness7,275 gp
88–90teleport object2,275 gp
91–95teleport, greater2,275 gp
96–97vision2,775 gp
98–100waves of exhaustion2,275 gp
1 Assumes no material component in excess of 1,000 gp and no XP cost in excess of 300 XP.
2 Assumes no XP cost in excess of 1,000 gp.
8th-Level Arcane Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–02antipathy3,000 gp
03–05clenched fist3,000 gp
06–08binding8,500 gp1
09–12charm monster, mass3,000 gp
13clone4,000 gp
14–16create greater undead3,000 gp
17–19demand3,600 gp
20–22dimensional lock3,000 gp
23–26discern location3,000 gp
27–29horrid wilting3,000 gp
30–32incendiary cloud3,000 gp
33–35iron body3,000 gp
36–38maze3,000 gp
39–41mind blank3,000 gp
42–44moment of prescience3,000 gp
45–48telekinetic sphere3,000 gp
49–51irresistible dance3,000 gp
52–54planar binding, greater3,000 gp
55–57polar ray3,000 gp
58–60polymorph any object3,000 gp
61–63power word stun3,000 gp
64–66prismatic wall3,000 gp
67–70protection from spells3,500 gp
71–73prying eyes, greater3,000 gp
74–76scintillating pattern3,000 gp
77–78screen3,000 gp
79–81shadow evocation, greater3,000 gp
82–84shout, greater3,000 gp
85–87summon monster VIII3,000 gp
88–90sunburst3,000 gp
91symbol of death8,000 gp
92symbol of insanity8,000 gp
93–94sympathy4,500 gp
95–98temporal stasis3,500 gp
99–100trap the soul13,000 gp1
1 Assumes a creature of 10 HD or less.
9th-Level Arcane Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–03astral projection4,870 gp
04–07crushing hand3,825 gp
08–12dominate monster3,825 gp
13–16energy drain3,825 gp
17–21etherealness3,825 gp
22–25foresight3,825 gp
26–31freedom3,825 gp
32–36gate8,825 gp
37–40hold monster, mass3,825 gp
41–44imprisonment3,825 gp
45–49meteor swarm3,825 gp
50–53mage’s disjunction3,825 gp
54–58power word kill3,825 gp
59–62prismatic sphere3,825 gp
63–66refuge3,825 gp
67–70shades3,825 gp
71–76shapechange3,825 gp
77–79soul bind3,825 gp
80–83summon monster IX3,825 gp
84–86teleportation circle4,825 gp
87–91time stop3,825 gp
92–95wail of the banshee3,825 gp
96–99weird3,825 gp
100wish28,825 gp1
1 Assumes no material component cost in excess of 10,000 gp and no XP cost in excess of 5,000 XP.


0-Level Divine Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–07create water12 gp 5 sp
08–14cure minor wounds12 gp 5 sp
15–22detect magic12 gp 5 sp
23–29detect poison12 gp 5 sp
30–36flare12 gp 5 sp
37–43guidance12 gp 5 sp
44–50inflict minor wounds12 gp 5 sp
51–57know direction12 gp 5 sp
58–65light12 gp 5 sp
66–72mending12 gp 5 sp
73–79purify food and drink12 gp 5 sp
80–86read magic12 gp 5 sp
87–93resistance12 gp 5 sp
94–100virtue12 gp 5 sp
1st-Level Divine Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01alarm100 gp
02–03bane25 gp
04–06bless25 gp
07–09bless water50 gp
10bless weapon100 gp
11–12calm animals25 gp
13–14cause fear25 gp
15–16charm animal25 gp
17–19command25 gp
20–21comprehend languages25 gp
22–26cure light wounds25 gp
27–28curse water50 gp
29–30deathwatch25 gp
31–32detect animals or plants25 gp
33–35detect chaos/evil/good/law25 gp
36–37detect snares and pits25 gp
38–39detect undead25 gp
40–41divine favor25 gp
42–43doom25 gp
44–48endure elements25 gp
49–50entangle25 gp
51–52entropic shield25 gp
53–54faerie fire25 gp
55–56goodberry25 gp
57–58hide from animals25 gp
59–60hide from undead25 gp
61–62inflict light wounds25 gp
63–64jump25 gp
65–66longstrider25 gp
67–68magic fang25 gp
69–72magic stone25 gp
73–74magic weapon25 gp
75–78obscuring mist25 gp
79–80pass without trace25 gp
81–82produce flame25 gp
83–86protection from chaos/evil/good/law25 gp
87–88remove fear25 gp
89–90sanctuary25 gp
91–92shield of faith25 gp
93–94shillelagh25 gp
95–96speak with animals25 gp
97–98summon monster I25 gp
99–100summon nature’s ally I25 gp
2nd-Level Divine Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01animal messenger150 gp
02animal trance150 gp
03–04augury175 gp
05–06barkskin150 gp
07–09bear’s endurance150 gp
10–12bull’s strength150 gp
13–14calm emotions150 gp
15–17cat’s grace150 gp
18chill metal150 gp
19–20consecrate200 gp
21–24cure moderate wounds150 gp
25–26darkness150 gp
27death knell150 gp
28–30delay poison150 gp
31–32desecrate200 gp
33–35eagle’s splendor150 gp
36–37enthrall150 gp
38–39find traps150 gp
40fire trap175 gp
41–42flame blade150 gp
43–44flaming sphere150 gp
45–46fog cloud150 gp
47gentle repose150 gp
48gust of wind150 gp
49heat metal150 gp
50–51hold animal150 gp
52–54hold person150 gp
55–56inflict moderate wounds150 gp
57–58make whole150 gp
59–61owl’s wisdom150 gp
62reduce animal150 gp
63–64remove paralysis150 gp
65–67resist energy150 gp
68–70restoration, lesser150 gp
71–72shatter150 gp
73–74shield other150 gp
75–76silence150 gp
77snare150 gp
78soften earth and stone150 gp
79–80sound burst150 gp
81speak with plants150 gp
82–83spider climb150 gp
84–85spiritual weapon150 gp
86status150 gp
87–88summon monster II150 gp
89–90summon nature’s ally II150 gp
91–92summon swarm150 gp
93tree shape150 gp
94–95undetectable alignment150 gp
96–97warp wood150 gp
98wood shape150 gp
99–100zone of truth150 gp
3rd-Level Divine Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–02animate dead625 gp
03–04bestow curse375 gp
05–06blindness/deafness375 gp
07–08call lightning375 gp
09–10contagion375 gp
11–12continual flame425 gp
13–14create food and water375 gp
15–18cure serious wounds375 gp
19darkvision375 gp
20–21daylight375 gp
22–23deeper darkness375 gp
24–25diminish plants375 gp
26–27dispel magic375 gp
28–29dominate animal375 gp
30–31glyph of warding575 gp
32heal mount375 gp
33–34helping hand375 gp
35–36inflict serious wounds375 gp
37–38invisibility purge375 gp
39-40locate object375 gp
41–46magic circle against chaos/evil/good/law375 gp
47–48magic fang, greater375 gp
49–50magic vestment375 gp
51–52meld into stone375 gp
53–55neutralize poison375 gp
56–57obscure object375 gp
58–59plant growth375 gp
60–62prayer375 gp
63–64protection from energy375 gp
65–66quench375 gp
67–69remove blindness/deafness375 gp
70–71remove curse375 gp
72–73remove disease375 gp
74–76searing light375 gp
77–78sleet storm375 gp
79–80snare375 gp
81–83speak with dead375 gp
84–85speak with plants375 gp
86–87spike growth375 gp
88–89stone shape375 gp
90–91summon monster III375 gp
92–93summon nature’s ally III375 gp
94–96water breathing375 gp
97–98water walk375 gp
99–100wind wall375 gp
4th-Level Divine Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–05air walk700 gp
06–07antiplant shell700 gp
08–09blight700 gp
10–11break enchantment700 gp
12–13command plants700 gp
14–15control water700 gp
16–21cure critical wounds700 gp
22–26death ward700 gp
27–31dimensional anchor700 gp
32–34discern lies700 gp
35–37dismissal700 gp
38–39divination725 gp
40–42divine power700 gp
43–47freedom of movement700 gp
48–49giant vermin700 gp
50–51holy sword700 gp
52–54imbue with spell ability700 gp
55–57inflict critical wounds700 gp
58–60magic weapon, greater700 gp
61–62nondetection750 gp
63–64planar ally, lesser1,200 gp
65–67poison700 gp
68–69reincarnate700 gp
70–71repel vermin700 gp
72–76restoration800 gp
77–78rusting grasp700 gp
79–81sending700 gp
82–85spell immunity700 gp
86–87spike stones700 gp
88–90summon monster IV700 gp
91–93summon nature’s ally IV700 gp
94–98tongues700 gp
99–100tree stride700 gp
5th-Level Divine Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–03animal growth1,125 gp
04–05atonement3,625 gp
06awaken2,375 gp
07–09baleful polymorph1,125 gp
10–13break enchantment1,125 gp
14–16call lightning storm1,125 gp
17–20command, greater1,125 gp
21commune1,625 gp
22commune with nature1,125 gp
23–24control winds1,125 gp
25–30cure light wounds, mass1,125 gp
31–34dispel chaos/evil/good/law1,125 gp
35–38disrupting weapon1,125 gp
39–41flame strike1,125 gp
42–43hallow6,125 gp1
44–46ice storm1,125 gp
47–49inflict light wounds, mass1,125 gp
50–52insect plague1,125 gp
53mark of justice1,125 gp
54–56plane shift1,125 gp
57–58raise dead6,125 gp
59–61righteous might1,125 gp
62–63scrying1,125 gp
64–66slay living1,125 gp
67–69spell resistance1,125 gp
70–71stoneskin1,375 gp
72–74summon monster V1,125 gp
75–77summon nature’s ally V1,125 gp
78symbol of pain2,125 gp
79symbol of sleep2,125 gp
80–82transmute mud to rock1,125 gp
83–85transmute rock to mud1,125 gp
86–89true seeing1,375 gp
90–91unhallow6,125 gp1
92–94wall of fire1,125 gp
95–97wall of stone1,125 gp
98–100wall of thorns1,125 gp
1 Allows for a spell of up to 4th level to be tied to the hallowed or unhallowed area.
6th-Level Divine Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–03animate objects1,650 gp
04–06antilife shell1,650 gp
07–09banishment1,650 gp
10–13bear’s endurance, mass1,650 gp
14–16blade barrier1,650 gp
17–20bull’s strength, mass1,650 gp
21–24cat’s grace, mass1,650 gp
25create undead1,650 gp
26–29cure moderate wounds, mass1,650 gp
30–33dispel magic, greater1,650 gp
34–37eagle’s splendor, mass1,650 gp
38–40find the path1,650 gp
41–43fire seeds1,650 gp
44forbiddance4,650 gp1
45geas/quest1,650 gp
46glyph of warding, greater1,650 gp
47–49harm1,650 gp
50–52heal1,650 gp
53–55heroes’ feast1,650 gp
56–58inflict moderate wounds, mass1,650 gp
59–61ironwood1,650 gp
62liveoak1,650 gp
63–65move earth1,650 gp
66–69owl’s wisdom, mass1,650 gp
70–71planar ally2,400 gp
72–74repel wood1,650 gp
75–77spellstaff1,650 gp
78–80stone tell1,650 gp
81–83summon monster VI1,650 gp
84–86summon nature’s ally VI1,650 gp
87symbol of fear2,650 gp
88symbol of persuasion6,650 gp
89–91transport via plants1,650 gp
92–94undeath to death2,150 gp
95–97wind walk1,650 gp
98–100word of recall1,650 gp
1 Assumes an area equivalent to one 60-foot cube.
7th-Level Divine Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–05animate plants2,275 gp
06–09blasphemy2,275 gp
10–14changestaff2,275 gp
15–16control weather2,275 gp
17–21creeping doom2,275 gp
22–27cure serious wounds, mass2,275 gp
28–32destruction2,275 gp
33–36dictum2,275 gp
37–41ethereal jaunt2,275 gp
42–45holy word2,275 gp
46–50inflict serious wounds, mass2,275 gp
51–55refuge3,775 gp
56–60regenerate2,275 gp
61–65repulsion2,275 gp
66–69restoration, greater4,775 gp
70–71resurrection12,275 gp
72–76scrying, greater2,275 gp
77–81summon monster VII2,275 gp
82–85summon nature’s ally VII2,275 gp
86–90sunbeam2,275 gp
91symbol of stunning7,275 gp
92symbol of weakness7,275 gp
93–97transmute metal to wood2,275 gp
98–100word of chaos2,275 gp
8th-Level Divine Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–04animal shapes3,000 gp
05–10antimagic field3,000 gp
11–13cloak of chaos3,000 gp
14–17control plants3,000 gp
18–20create greater undead3,600 gp
21–27cure critical wounds, mass3,000 gp
28–32dimensional lock3,000 gp
33–36discern location3,000 gp
37–41earthquake3,000 gp
42–45finger of death3,000 gp
46–49fire storm3,000 gp
50–52holy aura3,000 gp
53–56inflict critical wounds, mass3,000 gp
57–60planar ally, greater5,500 gp
61–65repel metal or stone3,000 gp
66–69reverse gravity3,000 gp
70–72shield of law3,000 gp
73–76spell immunity, greater3,000 gp
77–80summon monster VIII3,000 gp
81–84summon nature’s ally VIII3,000 gp
85–89sunburst3,000 gp
90–91symbol of death8,000 gp
92–93symbol of insanity8,000 gp
94–96unholy aura3,000 gp
97–100whirlwind3,000 gp
9th-Level Divine Spells
d%SpellMarket Price
01–04antipathy3,825 gp
05–07astral projection4,870 gp
08–13elemental swarm3,825 gp
14–19energy drain3,825 gp
20–25etherealness3,825 gp
26–31foresight3,825 gp
32–37gate8,825 gp
38–46heal, mass3,825 gp
47–53implosion3,825 gp
54–55miracle28,825 gp1
56–61regenerate3,825 gp
62–66shambler3,825 gp
67–72shapechange3,825 gp
73–77soul bind3,825 gp
78–83storm of vengeance3,825 gp
84–89summon monster IX3,825 gp
90–95summon nature’s ally IX3,825 gp
96–99sympathy5,325 gp
100true resurrection28,825 gp
1 Assumes powerful request but no expensive material components in excess of 100 gp and no additional XP cost.

A staff is a long shaft of wood that stores several spells. Unlike wands, which can contain a wide variety of spells, each staff is of a certain kind and holds specific spells. A staff has 50 charges when created.

Physical Description: A typical staff is 4 feet to 7 feet long and 2 inches to 3 inches thick, weighing about 5 pounds. Most staffs are wood, but a rare few are bone, metal, or even glass. (These are extremely exotic.) Staffs often have a gem or some device at their tip or are shod in metal at one or both ends. Staffs are often decorated with carvings or runes. A typical staff is like a walking stick, quarterstaff, or cudgel. It has AC 7, 10 hit points, hardness 5, and a break DC of 24.

Activation: Staffs use the spell trigger activation method, so casting a spell from a staff is usually a standard action that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. (If the spell being cast, however, has a longer casting time than 1 standard action, it takes that long to cast the spell from a staff.) To activate a staff, a character must hold it forth in at least one hand (or whatever passes for a hand, for nonhumanoid creatures).

Special Qualities: Roll d%. A 01–30 result indicates that something (a design, inscription, or the like) provides some clue to the staff ’s function, and 31–100 indicates no special qualities.


MediumMajorStaffMarket Price
01–1501–03Charming16,500 gp
16–3004–09Fire17,750 gp
31–4010–11Swarming insects24,750 gp
41–6012–17Healing27,750 gp
61–7518–19Size alteration29,000 gp
76–9020–24Illumination48,250 gp
91–9525–31Frost56,250 gp
96–10032–38Defense58,250 gp
39–43Abjuration65,000 gp
44–48Conjuration65,000 gp
49–53Enchantment65,000 gp
54–58Evocation65,000 gp
59–63Illusion65,000 gp
64–68Necromancy65,000 gp
69–73Transmutation65,000 gp
74–77Divination73,500 gp
78–82Earth and stone80,500 gp
83–87Woodlands101,250 gp
88–92Life155,750 gp
93–97Passage170,500 gp
98–100Power211,000 gp
Staff Descriptions

Staffs use the wielder’s ability score and relevant feats to set the DC for saves against their spells. Unlike with other sorts of magic items, the wielder can use his caster level when activating the power of a staff if it’s higher than the caster level of the staff.

This means that staffs are far more potent in the hands of a powerful spellcaster. Because they use the wielder’s ability score to set the save DC for the spell, spells from a staff are often harder to resist than ones from other magic items, which use the minimum ability score required to cast the spell. Not only are aspects of the spell dependant on caster level (range, duration, and so on) potentially higher, but spells from a staff are harder to dispel and have a better chance of overcoming a target’s spell resistance.

Furthermore, a staff can hold a spell of any level, unlike a wand, which is limited to spells of 4th level or lower. The minimum caster level of a staff is 8th. Standard staffs are described below.

Abjuration: Usually carved from the heartwood of an ancient oak or other large tree, this staff allows use of the following spells:

Strong abjuration; CL 13th; Craft Staff, dismissal, dispel magic, lesser globe of invulnerability, resist energy, repulsion, shield; Price 65,000 gp.

Charming: Made of twisting wood ornately shaped and carved, this staff allows use of the following spells:

Moderate enchantment; CL 8th; Craft Staff, charm person, charm monster; Price 16,500 gp.

Conjuration: This staff is usually made of ash or walnut and bears ornate carvings of many different kinds of creatures. It allows use of the following spells:

Strong conjuration; CL 13th; Craft Staff, cloudkill, stinking cloud, summon monster VI, summon swarm, unseen servant; Price 65,000 gp.

Defense: The staff of defense is a simple-looking staff that throbs with power when held defensively. It allows use of the following spells:

Strong abjuration; CL 15th; Craft Staff, shield, shield of faith, shield of law, shield other, creator must be lawful; Price 58,250 gp.

Divination: Made from a supple length of willow, often with a forked tip, this staff allows use of the following spells:

Strong divination; CL 13th; Craft Staff, detect secret doors, locate creature, locate object, prying eyes, tongues, true seeing; Price 73,500 gp.

Earth and Stone: This staff is topped with a fist-sized emerald that gleams with smoldering power. It allows the use of the following spells:

Moderate transmutation; CL 11th; Craft Staff, move earth, passwall; Price 80,500 gp.

Enchantment: Often made from applewood and topped with a clear crystal, this staff allows use of the following spells:

Strong enchantment; CL 13th; Craft Staff, crushing despair, mass suggestion, mind fog, sleep, suggestion, hideous laughter; Price 65,000 gp.

Evocation: Usually very smooth and carved from hickory, willow, or yew, this staff allows use of the following spells:

Strong evocation; CL 13th; Craft Staff, chain lightning, fireball, ice storm, magic missile, shatter, wall of force; Price 65,000 gp.

Fire: Crafted from bronzewood with brass bindings, this staff allows use of the following spells:

Moderate evocation; CL 8th; Craft Staff, burning hands, fireball, wall of fire; Price 17,750 gp.

Frost: Tipped on either end with a glistening diamond, this rune-covered staff allows use of the following spells:

Moderate evocation; CL 10th; Craft Staff, cone of cold, ice storm, wall of ice; Price 56,250 gp.

Healing: This white ash staff, with inlaid silver runes, allows use of the following spells:

Moderate conjuration; CL 8th; Craft Staff, cure serious wounds, lesser restoration, remove blindness/deafness, remove disease; Price 27,750 gp.

Illusion: This staff is made from ebony or other dark wood and carved into an intricately twisted, fluted, or spiral shape. It allows use of the following spells:

Strong illusion; CL 13th; Craft Staff, disguise self, major image, mirror image, persistent image, project image, rainbow pattern; Price 65,000 gp.

Illumination: This staff is usually sheathed in silver and decorated with sunbursts. It allows use of the following spells:

Strong evocation; CL 15th; Craft Staff, dancing lights, daylight, flare, sunburst; Price 48,250 gp.

Life: Made of thick oak shod in gold, this staff allows use of the following spells:

Moderate conjuration; CL 13th; Craft Staff, heal, resurrection; Price 155,750 gp.

Necromancy: This staff is made from ebony or other dark wood and carved with the images of bones and skulls. It allows use of the following spells:

Strong necromancy; CL 13th; Craft Staff, cause fear, circle of death, enervation, ghoul touch, halt undead, waves of fatigue; Price 65,000 gp.

Passage: This potent item allows use of the following spells:

Strong varied; CL 17th; Craft Staff, astral projection, dimension door, greater teleport, passwall, phase door; Price 170,500 gp.

Power: The staff of power is a very potent magic item, with offensive and defensive abilities. It is usually topped with a glistening gem, its shaft straight and smooth. It has the following powers:

The wielder of a staff of power gains a +2 luck bonus to AC and saving throws. The staff is also a +2 quarterstaff, and its wielder may use it to smite opponents. If 1 charge is expended (as a free action), the staff causes double damage (x3 on a critical hit) for 1 round.

A staff of power can be used for a retributive strike, requiring it to be broken by its wielder. (If this breaking of the staff is purposeful and declared by the wielder, it can be performed as a standard action that does not require the wielder to make a Strength check.) All charges currently in the staff are instantly released in a 30-foot radius. All within 2 squares of the broken staff take points of damage equal to 8 x the number of charges in the staff, those 3 or 4 squares away take 6 x the number of charges in damage, and those 5 or 6 squares distant take 4 x the number of charges in damage. All those affected can make DC 17 Reflex saves to reduce the damage by half.

The character breaking the staff has a 50% chance of traveling to another plane of existence, but if he does not, the explosive release of spell energy destroys him. Only certain items, including the staff of the magi and the staff of power, are capable of being used for a retributive strike.

After all charges are used up from the staff, it remains a +2 quarterstaff. (Once empty of charges, it cannot be used for a retributive strike.)

Strong varied; CL 15th; Craft Staff, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, magic missile, heightened ray of enfeeblement, continual flame, levitate, heightened fireball, heightened lightning bolt, cone of cold, hold monster, wall of force, globe of invulnerability; Price 211,000 gp.

Size Alteration: Stout and sturdy, this staff of dark wood allows use of the following spells:

Faint conjuration; CL 8th; Craft Staff, enlarge person, mass enlarge person, reduce person, mass reduce person, shrink item; Price 29,000 gp.

Swarming Insects: Made of twisted dark wood with dark spots resembling crawling insects (which occasionally seem to move), this staff allows use of the following spells:

Moderate conjuration; CL 9th; Craft Staff, insect plague, summon swarm; Price 24,750 gp.

Transmutation: This staff is generally carved from or decorated with petrified wood and allows use of the following spells:

Strong transmutation; CL 13th; Craft Staff, alter self, baleful polymorph, blink, disintegrate, expeditious retreat, polymorph; Price 65,000 gp.

Woodlands: Appearing to have grown naturally into its shape, this oak, ash, or yew staff allows use of the following spells:

The staff may be used as a weapon, functioning as a +2 quarterstaff. The staff of the woodlands also allows its wielder to pass without trace at will, with no charge cost. These two attributes continue to function after all the charges are expended.

Moderate varied; CL 13th; Craft Staff, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, animate plants, barkskin, charm animal, pass without trace, speak with animals, summon nature’s ally VI, wall of thorns; Price 101,250 gp.


A wand is a thin baton that contains a single spell of 4th level or lower. Each wand has 50 charges when created, and each charge expended allows the user to use the wand’s spell one time. A wand that runs out of charges is just a stick.

Physical Description: A typical wand is 6 inches to 12 inches long and about 1/4 inch thick, and often weighs no more than 1 ounce. Most wands are wood, but some are bone. A rare few are metal, glass, or even ceramic, but these are quite exotic. Occasionally, a wand has a gem or some device at its tip, and most are decorated with carvings or runes. A typical wand has AC 7, 5 hit points, hardness 5, and a break DC of 16.

Activation: Wands use the spell trigger activation method, so casting a spell from a wand is usually a standard action that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. (If the spell being cast, however, has a longer casting time than 1 action, it takes that long to cast the spell from a wand.) To activate a wand, a character must hold it in hand (or whatever passes for a hand, for nonhumanoid creatures) and point it in the general direction of the target or area. A wand may be used while grappling or while swallowed whole.

Special Qualities: Roll d%. A 01–30 result indicates that something (a design, inscription, or the like) provides some clue to the wand’s function, and 31–100 indicates no special qualities.

Table: WANDS

MinorMediumMajorWandMarket Price
01–02Detect magic375 gp
03–04Light375 gp
05–07Burning hands750 gp
08–10Charm animal750 gp
11–13Charm person750 gp
14–16Color spray750 gp
17–19Cure light wounds750 gp
20-22Detect secret doors750 gp
23–25Enlarge person750 gp
26–28Magic missile (1st)750 gp
29–31Shocking grasp750 gp
32–34Summon monster I750 gp
35–36Magic missile (3rd)2,250 gp
3701–03Magic missile (5th)3,750 gp
38–4004–07Bear’s endurance4,500 gp
41–4308–11Bull’s strength4,500 gp
44–4612–15Cat’s grace4,500 gp
47–4916–20Cure moderate wounds4,500 gp
50–5121–22Darkness4,500 gp
52–5423–24Daylight4,500 gp
55–5725–27Delay poison4,500 gp
58–6028–31Eagle’s splendor4,500 gp
61–6332–33False life4,500 gp
64–6634–37Fox’s cunning4,500 gp
67–6838Ghoul touch4,500 gp
69–7139Hold person4,500 gp
72–7440–42Invisibility4,500 gp
75–7743–44Knock4,500 gp
78–8045Levitate4,500 gp
81–8346–47Acid arrow4,500 gp
84–8648–49Mirror image4,500 gp
87–8950–53Owl’s wisdom4,500 gp
90–9154Shatter4,500 gp
92–9455–56Silence4,500 gp
95–9757Summon monster II4,500 gp
98–10058–59Web4,500 gp
60–6201–02Magic missile (7th)5,250 gp
63–6403–05Magic missile (9th)6,750 gp
65–6706–07Call lightning (5th)11,250 gp
6808Charm person, heightened (3rd-level spell)11,250 gp
69–7009–10Contagion11,250 gp
71–7411–13Cure serious wounds11,250 gp
75–7714–15Dispel magic11,250 gp
78–8116–17Fireball (5th)11,250 gp
82–8318–19Keen edge11,250 gp
84–8720–21Lightning bolt (5th)11,250 gp
88–8922–23Major image11,250 gp
90–9124–25Slow11,250 gp
92–9426–27Suggestion11,250 gp
95–9728–29Summon monster III11,250 gp
9830–31Fireball (6th)13,500 gp
9932–33Lightning bolt (6th)13,500 gp
10034–35Searing light (6th)13,500 gp
36–37Call lightning (8th)18,000 gp
38–39Fireball (8th)18,000 gp
40–41Lightning bolt (8th)18,000 gp
42–45Charm monster21,000 gp
46–50Cure critical wounds21,000 gp
51–52Dimensional anchor21,000 gp
53–55Fear21,000 gp
56–59Greater invisibility21,000 gp
60Hold person, heightened (4th level)21,000 gp
61–65Ice storm21,000 gp
66–68Inflict critical wounds21,000 gp
69–72Neutralize poison21,000 gp
73–74Poison21,000 gp
75–77Polymorph21,000 gp
78Ray of enfeeblement, heightened (4th level)21,000 gp
79Suggestion, heightened (4th level)21,000 gp
80–82Summon monster IV21,000 gp
83–86Wall of fire21,000 gp
87–90Wall of ice21,000 gp
91Dispel magic (10th)22,500 gp
92Fireball (10th)22,500 gp
93Lightning bolt (10th)22,500 gp
94Chaos hammer (8th)24,000 gp
95Holy smite (8th)24,000 gp
96Order’s wrath (8th)24,000 gp
97Unholy blight (8th)24,000 gp
98–99Restoration126,000 gp
100Stoneskin233,500 gp
1 The cost to create a wand of restoration is 10,500 gp, 840 XP, plus 5,000 gp for the material components.
2 The cost to create a wand of stoneskin is 10,500 gp, 840 XP, plus 12,500 gp for the material components.
Wand Descriptions

All wands are simply storage devices for spells and thus have no special descriptions. Refer to the spell descriptions for all pertinent details.